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Dragon Quest X Version 5.3: Resurrection of the Brave Review and ENGLISH Story Summary いばらの巫女と滅びの神

Dragon Quest X Version 5 continues with it’s 4th part, 5.3: Resurrection of the Brave! With all of the Demon Kingdoms finally united and the new Great Demon King is crowned, a mysterious young boy appears and a group of hoods is coming after the Great Demon King. Watch as worlds collide in this epic showdown!

Dragon Quest X Version 5.2 Coronation of the King – ENGLISH Story SummaryドラゴンクエストX いばらの巫女と滅びの神

Dragon Quest X Version 5 continues with it’s 3rd part, 5.2: Coronation of the King! The aftermath of war has left the 3 Demon Kingdoms in ruins. How will they all recover and watch the Demon King finally get crowned! How will things turn out? Find out here!

Dragon Quest X Version 5.0: Thorn Lady and the God of Destruction Review ドラゴンクエストX いばらの巫女と滅びの神

I review DQX Version 5.0, the first part of Dragon Quest X Version 5: Thorn Lady and The God of Destruction which is the 5th part and 4th expansion of Dragon Quest X. Can I survive the harsh war torn climate of the Demon World? Find out here!