Dragon Quest X English Guides, Translations, and Getting Started

Dragon Quest X is not only a complicated game to play, but also a very complicated game to even get started. I’ve compiled a list of guides and resources I personally use to play the game.

NOTE: Even though the IP-Ban is gone from the USA, it’s still existent in other countries like Europe. You will need a VPN like NordVPN to play (not an affiliate link). Also, some of these methods may be outdated for 2020+, so I will try to update this the best I can.

DQX Discord Servers

Dragon Quest X Worldwide Discord Server
I run a Discord Server for English DQX players. A great place if you wanna contact me or anyone else for DQX help!

English Translation Tools (PC Only)

NOTE: These tools are still a work in progress, so make sure to download the latest updates as they come out. Also, we are not responsible for anything that happens to your DQX account while using these tools, so use them at your own risk!

Ahkmon translates the main dialogue of the game in a separate window using DeepL for you to understand the story! Download Link

DQX Clarity
DQX Clarity translates the menus and UI for easy navigation! Now it can translate the dialogue inside the text boxes! (NOTE: May not translate all dialogue boxes and may crash the game. Use at your own discretion.) Download Link

Dialogue box translated in DQX Clarity

If you want to help contribute translations to the ongoing DQX Clarity Project, make sure to join the DQX Worldwide Server!

Making a Japanese Nintendo Eshop Account
This handy guide from Games Radar can help you get a free Japanese Eshop Account.

Making a Japanese Square Enix Account

Dragon Quest X – Getting Started on PC (Dragon’s Den)
Great guide to get starting making a Japanese Square-Enix on the PC. It’s a bit outdated as you don’t need to do some of the steps anymore, but self explanatory.

How to Play the Dragon Quest X PC Trial – Step-by-Step Instructions by Project COE

These 2 guides helped me the most when trying to set up a Japanese Square-Enix account and using it to log into the PC and Switch versions.

Make a Japanese Square Enix Account on the Switch
My friend Austin has made a simple guide on how to setup your Square-Enix account all on the switch without all the hassles. Check it out!

Dragon Quest X Free Trial Guide Down for now.
My pal Renaud made a guide for people to play the free DQX Trial and covers everything from starting a Japanese Nintendo eShop account, VPN setups, and much more. Check it out!

Subscription Guide
My friend Shobu made a guide on how to pay for your DQX Subscription with various different methods!


General Guides

NOTE: Make sure to use the Google Translate browser extension to translate any of the Japanese Guides.

Dragon Quest X Wiki
A wiki started by Zaoace and our discord community with info on EVERYTHING DQX! It’s still a work in progress, so you can help us out!

Dragon Quest X Adventurer’s Abbey
My friend Seth made a detailed website on how to get started playing DQX and many other resources!

Shobu’s DQX PC Config Guide
My friend Shobu made a guide to help PC players with the configuration. This should help you out immensely!

GameFAQs: Dragon Quest X Version 1 Guide by JC
A great guide completely in English to help you get through all of the base game, Version 1. I also recommend also using some of the other guides below to compliment this one.

General Abilities, Skills, and More Guide by Gamesfan34260
An excellent guide with both the Japanese names of skills, abilities, and more with translations!

Draque 10 Guide (Japanese)
My go-to guide for nearly everything DQX. It has non spoiler instructions on how to get through the entire story from Version 1-5, a detailed quest guide, event descriptions, weapon guides, and much much much more. This guide has helped me get through the majority of the game and is very Google Translate friendly.

Draque 10 kōryaku no tora (Japanese)
My 2nd favorite guide when the instructions on Draque 10 get a little wonky. Also very Google Translate Friendly.

Ike Draque 10 kōryaku (Japanese)
Another great guide that has accompanying pictures to help you out.

Dragon Quest X Pottebu (Japanese)
A nice DQX guide as told from a player named Pottebu’s point of view. Lots of tips and pictures to help you out!

Dragon Quest X Bazaar (Japanese)
If you’re looking for items and especially their prices on the bazaar, I highly recommend this site. You can find out how much your item will sell for and if there’s an actual market for it. You can look up anything from weapons, armor, furniture, and more!

Dragon Quest X Monster Guide (Japanese)
The most detailed DQX Monster Guide with a list of monsters, their locations, drops, and whole lot more!

Official Dragon Quest X Site (Japanese)
The official Dragon Quest X site from Square-Enix. You can login to check your character stats, see upcoming events, and check out instructions and descriptions of all the gameplay modes.

Official Dragon Quest X Site Play Guide
Want to see detailed descriptions of all the new features and play mechanics of the game? Check out this section on the official site!

Official Dragon Quest X Site Web Shop (Japanese)
The go-to store if you have some Crysta lying around and want to buy anything from special items, weapons, armor, furniture, mounts to ride in (this is where I got my car!) and a whole TON more. Be careful as you’ll be spending a lot here like I did!

Seagm Webmoney
Here you can buy Japanese Webmoney to spend for Crysta if you want to buy/renew your DQX subscriptions and buy items from the web store.

Dragon Quest X Database (Japanese)
A LARGE database filled with DQX info like monster info and more!

Dragon Quest X Wiki (Japanese)
The Motherload of DQX story information. If you can’t understand your google translate sessions with your phone or want to *really* understand the details of the story, characters, and more, this is THE site for you. You can spend hours upon hours here just reading up on understanding the DQX Story and fall down the DQX rabbit hole.

DQX Pastebin
A super useful pastebin that has a ton of good DQX info all in one. Check it out!

Dragon’s Den DQX Forum
The DQX Forum on the classic Dragon’s Den site. Tons of useful threads and you can even join the Dragon’s Den Team!


YouTube Channels

SaiganCat’s Channel
The first YouTube Channel I saw Dragon Quest X footage from and witnessed Square-Enix try to take it down via Content ID. Has a walkthrough series of DQX.

Project COE’s Channel
DQX guides, reviews, and walkthroughs along with other games.

Cranberry’s Channel
One of the legendary US DQX players with DQX tutorials and more!

Nawaria’s Channel
Watch as Nawaria plays through DQX *AND* translates ALL the text as she plays! One of the best DQX channels that helped me understand the story more.

Dragon Quest X Reviews and ENGLISH Story Summaries Playlist from Battle Geek Plus
My own video reviews and summaries of the DQX story explained to English players with my touch of added comedy, commentary, and certain scenes voice acted in English!


Japanese Language Guides

If you’re interested in learning Japanese to play, I would say at the bare minimum, you should learn Katakana which is used for foreign words since the majority of DQX’s locations are written in katakana. Here’s a nifty katakana chart:

Easy Japanese
If you want start learning hiragana, katakana, and the basics of Kanji, this is another good resource for you.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese
One of the best Japanese guides online for learning more of the advanced stuff.

Japanese Online Keyboard
If you want to type in Japanese, you can use this nifty online keyboard.

itazuraneko Japanese Guide
Another great Japanese guide for learning more advanced vocabulary.

DeepL Translator
One of the best translators on the web for copying and pasting Japanese text. Sometimes even more accurate than google translate.


Useful Phone Apps

DQX Tools
The official DQX web app where you can literally check on EVERYTHING in the game like your character stats, daily quests, and whole TON more. Even has a shop for digital DQX books!

Google Translate
Obviously this had to be here. Provides on the fly Japanese translations from your phone. Not exactly the best translations, but will help get the gist of the dialogue. Make sure to angle your phone in multiple directions to get the best translation.


Hopefully these guides will suffice to help you get through DQX since they’ve helped me out so much. I’ll make updates to this post as I find more useful guides!

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