Collection Update 4/30/20!

Got some new items in over the week, so here they are!

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS)
Dragon Warrior VII (PSX)

I used to own these back in the day, but had to sell them in 2010 when I needed to pay my rent. It feels so nice to be reunited with them!

Here’s Dragon Quest X Vol. 1
Dragon Quest X 2017 Winter V-Jump

Dragon Quest X 2015 Summer 3rd Anniversary Fun Book V-Jump
Dragon Quest X 2016 Winter V-Jump
Dragon Quest X 2019 Spring V-Jump
Dragon Quest X Minadeian (Everybody Joins in!) Vol. 3
Dragon Quest X 2019 Autumn 7th Anniversary and New World V-Jump
Dragon Quest XI Official Art Works
Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Encyclopedia of Monsters

Since I had to sadly cancel my Japan trip this fall due to COVID-19, I had a bit of extra money to spend. I’ll definitely be looking into these in more detail in future blog posts and more items are on the way!

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