The Dragon Quest Book by Austin King Overview

Yesterday night, I received “The Dragon Quest Book” written by my good friend Austin from Dragon Quest FM.

A few months ago, Austin contacted me saying he was writing a book based on the Dragon Quest fandom in the west and sent me a list of questions to answer. Austin also put out a call on twitter to get stories from as many people as possible to include in the book. Now several months later, I finally have the book in my hands and this is hands down, one of my favorite pieces of Dragon Quest related merchandise that I own. Not because I’m in it, of course.. hehehe. 🙂

I told myself I’d read a chapter or two before going to bed since I was tired from apartment hunting and being out the other day. However, despite my fatigue, I ended up binge reading the entire book way past my bedtime.

There I am!

The book mostly focuses on Austin’s personal Dragon Quest experiences and the experiences of various fans throughout the west and all over the world. It’s so incredible to see the different stories of how people got into the series and the impact it had on their lives. I felt happy, excited, and even a bit emotional as I teared up reading some of the stories. My major contribution to the book is the Dragon Quest X section which I also share with Nawaria. I’m happy to see that a lot of my friends are also in the book and it was awesome reading up on their stories as well.

The best part of the book is how much it shows how dedicated and positive the Dragon Quest fandom is. There are various stories in the book on how the series has helped people get through hard times like the passing of loved ones which made me tear up quite a bit. It was so incredibly hard to put this book down and I’ll probably re-read it several times, especially when the digital version comes out so I can read it on my phone.

Overall, it’s an incredibly solid book and make sure you bring some tissues with you while reading it. Big congrats to Austin for finally releasing it!

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