The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 11 – Version 2 Finished and Version 3 Underway!

Proud to say that the DQX Version 2 review is now done and editing of the Version 3 review is underway!

After finally getting the voiceover from a VERY special guest, I have finally finished the DQX Version 2 review and it will be released sometime in October! This is hands down one of my favorite reviews I’ve done so far and I can’t wait for all of you to see it this fall!

Brave Princess Ann Lucia’s words from the heart.

Editing on the DQX Version 3 review is now in progress! All of my talking clips have been placed, so now I need to trim some um’s, ah’s, and er’s along with any dead space to make the review flow better. After that, the corresponding gameplay footage needs to be placed, along with some other fun surprises.

Dragon Keanu Reeves?

Estella of the Dragon Clan.

The DQX Version 3 review looks like it will be nearly the same length as the Version 2 review, so it should be a good watch for you to get out some popcorn or your favorite snack. I’ll have more surprises to unveil later, but we’re making good progress for the October releases of these DQX reviews while I’m trying to balance my day job, personal life, and moving in a month. August is going to be extremely hectic since I’ll be moving at the end of that month, so I hope I can still find some time to edit!

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