The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 15 – Version 4 Complete!

Very quick update! The Version 4 DQX Review is now complete!

Huge thanks to an amazing and talented voice actor who makes an important cameo, now I can proudly say that the Version 4 review is now complete and everything is now ready for the October releases of the Dragon Quest X reviews!

Version 4 now complete!

Going through all of time..

Suspicious, eh?

After nearly 2 months of non stop editing every day, I’m done with all my current Dragon Quest X reviews for now. Version 5 is still on-going, so I won’t be able to complete or even start on the Version 5 review until sometime next year when it’s all done (5.3 should be coming out this fall!). The DQX Version 4 review is much longer than Versions 2 and 3 since there was a lot more to cover, along with some other fun things I inserted into the video. It’s definitely off the wall, wacky, and even a bit emotional, so expect it to be a roller coaster of a review and story summary of Version 4.

Expect an announcement very soon in September about the actual release dates of all the Dragon Quest X reviews and updates regarding future DQ content for the YouTube channel! See you then!

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