Collection Update: 10/2/20!

Got some good things to add to the collection today!

First of all, the DQXI Hero Amiibo! It came out in Europe last week and now the USA should be getting them today!

Fortune Street for the Wii and 2 Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime Keychains! I’ve never played Fortune Street before and I definitely plan to review it for my channel in the future. I thought I was only gonna get one keychain, but the seller sent me 2! One will be shown in the review and one is opened for my display shelf!

Last, but not least, the RARE Dragon Quest Tact box and the Spring 2020 Dragon Quest X V-Jump! The Dragon Quest Tact box was rare limited item in Japan and now I finally have one! Expect a full unboxing video in the future!

That should wrap up everything for now and stay tuned for the DQX reviews coming next Tuesday!!!

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