The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Rocket Slime Series Part 2 – Outlines and Main Filming Done!

More progress on the Rocket Slime Review Series!

The good news is that over the past week or so, I finally got the outlines, voiceover script, and main filming done!

First page of the review outline for all 3 games in google docs.

First page of the voiceover script in Final Draft.

Filming some special guests!

The games! Yes, I put Smash Bros in the Rocket Slime 3 case since I needed to record some footage off the 3DS.

Getting ready for the green screen segments (with new shirt)!


Danger ahead!

All that’s left is to record voiceover with some friends and I should have all the materials needed for editing later this month. I plan to have these reviews come out next year, so I should have plenty of time to polish them up.

Stay tuned for more progress soon!

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