A GIGANTES Size Collection Update: 10/22/20!

Got a GIGANTES size collection update that I’ve been saving for a while!

Holographic Slime Sticker and Slime Patch from R.o.C. Productions on etsy!

Slime Magnet from Ms. Michelle’s Merchandise.

Back side of Slime with the magnets.

Dragon Quest Pixel Art Shadow Box also from Ms. Michelle’s Merchandise.

Brand new and sealed Theatrhythm Dragon Quest for the 3DS.

Japanese Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 1 and 2 for the DS.

Japanese Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI for the DS.

Young Yangus Mystery Dungeon for the PS2.

HUGE Gigantes Plush!

Scale comparison to the Luminary Amiibo!

I decided to save all of these for one huge collection update today and you’ll be seeing them quite a bit in future videos and blog entries!

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