DQ Games I’ve been playing! 11/4/20

I’ve been playing a few DQ games for future video reviews and here’s what I’ve been playing!

I just recently recorded and finished Dragon Quest Swords for the Nintendo Wii! For some reason, I missed out on this game when it was new, but I was lucky to pick it up for a cheap price. It’s an interesting game that makes good use of the Wii’s motion controls, but the first couple of times playing, my wrist ended up hurting. I got used to it and was able to beat the game within 9+ hours since I decided to grind near the end to make the final boss easier. Thankfully it’s an extremely short game and you can get it for cheap. The review for this one will be quite fun to do next year!

I also finished and recorded the first Torneko Mystery Dungeon game on the Super Famicom via the fan translation. It’s a *very* difficult game at first, but once you level up enough, it nearly becomes a breeze!

The next game I plan on tackling will be Torneko: The Last Hope on the PSX (localized by Doug Dinsdale! I heard this game is a better improvement over the first one!

I’ve been playing the Torneko’s Mystery Dungeon games because one of my BIG goals for next year is to finally play and review the Young Yangus Mystery Dungeon game which I’ve wanted to play for so long. Luckily, I’ve found a guide and several resources to help me with this one. Also, it would be a good way to brush up more on my Japanese. If I was able to review Dragon Quest X, I should be able to review this game!

That’s all the DQ games I’m playing for now and the PS5 and Xbox Series X are launching next week! I do have preorders for both, so I may have to take a short break from playing DQ games for a bit to spend time with those! Take care!

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