The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Rocket Slime Series Part 5 – Rocket Slime Review Finished and Rocket Slime 3 Editing Underway!

The Rocket Slime review is now done and almost done finishing reviews of the entire Rocket Slime/Slime Mori Mori Trilogy!

Tank Battle Timeline!

I’m carrying some ammo!

Launching myself to victory!

Finally finished the entire Rocket Slime review by completing a complicated Tank Battle skit that appears at the end of the video. Now that leaves only Rocket Slime 3/Slime Mori Mori 3 as the last of the Rocket Slime reviews to be finished! These reviews have been very fun (and complicated) to make and I’ll hopefully have them all done by the month’s end so I can finally get them out in in January!

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