The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 18 – Version 5 Filming and Editing Underway!

Oh no! I’ve turned into a Demon! Filming and Editing for the Dragon Quest X Version 5 Review is now underway!

Getting the reviewing seat ready!

Green screen fun!

Commencing DQX V5 Review Filming!

For the past 2 weeks even before the DQ35th Anniversary Stream, I’ve been hard at work filming and editing the DQX Version 5 Review. I’ve pretty much gotten everything from V5.0-V5.5 First Half done and whenever the 2nd half of V5.5 is done, I can finally complete filming and editing later this summer. I always start these massive projects early so I can get them done in time for a release months later. I’m not revealing the release date yet, but I hope to have the DQX Version 5 Review done in time for this fall (exact release date will be determined when I can finish editing the entire video).

Demon Ryan: Before and After!

Like the previous reviews, I’m pulling off some pretty crazy tricks in Adobe Premiere and I didn’t have to paint my skin all purple!

More awesome characters from Version 5 will be getting voiceovers and I’ve already cast and sent lines to a few of them. I’m still waiting for the release of V5.5’s 2nd half which will conclude all of Version 5 so I can finally write the last lines for the rest of the characters. I guarantee that the DQX Version 5 Review will contain far more voiceovers than the previous reviews, giving you guys a feel how I think a localization of the game would be despite the “There are no plans for a worldwide release” statement from the DQ35th Stream last week. I’m super excited for you guys to hear the voices for all the new characters!

Batman or?

I’ll be working hard every day this summer to make sure that the DQX Version 5 Review is in the best quality I can produce. I know Dragon Quest X has gotten a massive surge of popularity thanks to the “There are no plans for a worldwide release” debacle from last week, so I hope to deliver you guys the best experience I can to truly understand the amazing story of Dragon Quest X even if it may never come out here!

Stay tuned for more progress this summer!

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