Dragon Quest X Cosplay Event – May 10, 2022!

Just like the past 2 years, me and the DQX Worldwide Discord Server attended the yearly DQ Cosplay Event in 2022! Check out the pictures here!

I decided to do something different this year and went as G’raha Tia from Final Fantasy XIV instead of a DQ character. Here are the photos from the 2022 DQX Cosplay Event!

Taking pictures with Captain America, Flora, Urianger, and Sabin!

Me with Colonel Sanders and Flora.

Cool DQXI cosplay group with the Hero from DQVI looking at them.

Seraphi, Kiki, and Trunks.

Me and Colonel Sanders.

Me and Jamirus (DQVI) with Ronald McDonald.

Dancing Dwarves on the stairs!

Renees from the Verinard Synthesis Shop.

Renees from the Verinard Synthesis Shop with someone running in front of my picture!

Aurora (Heroes) and cool yellow dwarf!

Hero from DQVI.

Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald, me, and Urianger!

Colonel Sanders, Trunks, and More!

Colonel Sanders, Female Hero, Serena, and Bianca.

DQXI armored guy and Jasper and Captain America.

Mednam and Fabiel.

Mednam and Fabiel’s back.

Fabiel walks away from Captain America and Colonel Sanders.

Urianger, Colonel Sanders, and Sage Lushenda raising their weapons.

Mickey Mouse and Nanna.


DQXI armored guy.

Cheering with Sage Lushenda.

Bianca in front of Urianger, Crono, Captain America, me, and Android 17.

Avan, Roka, and Flora from Dai arrive, along with Sanji! I get back into my Crocodine cosplay from last year.

We all gather around Flora.

Franziska Von Karma, Crono, Hakou, Captain America, Avan, Sabim, Snow White, and Lon Beruk.

Hakou raises his sword.

Big group.

Holding out my flag with Asval raising his sword.

More group poses.

Milk, Colonel Sanders, me, Crono, and Tockle pet.

Iron Man!

Iron Man again!

Iron Man arms crossed!

Puku Yushka and Irusha.



Adult Somya.

Bianca and son.

Scared Dwarfs.


Mickey Mouse, Naruto, and more DQ characters.





DQVIII group.


Hyuza group.

Rockin’ with the Pusugons.

Dai group.

Dai group 2.

Dai group 3.

Dai group 4.

Hyunckel and Metal King Slime Group.

Hyunckel and Metal King Slime Group 2.

Hyunckel and Metal King Slime Group 3.

Dr. Historica cosplayers.

Dr. Historica cosplayers 2.


Metal King Slime Group (me in front).

Seraphi and Armored Seraphi.

Stairs cosplay.

Belma and the Kimbel Police Group.


Malroth from Builders.

Dancing Dwarves.


DQIV group.

More Dai.

More Dai 2.

Hero of DQX.


You wa shock!

Hero from DQV.

Male Ogre Bianca.

Our yearly Dancing Shenanagins!

Ronald McDonald vs. Colonel Sanders!

DQ Dai cosplay at Gran Zedora Castle.

Ann Lucia (Version 5).

Webney Worship.

Standing with Webney as Flora runs past us!

That concludes 2022’s DQX cosplay event! See you in 2023!

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