Dragon Quest X Cosplay Event – May 10, 2023!

It’s a yearly tradition, but I once again participated in the DQX Cosplay event as Hyper Demon Hadlar! Check out my pics!

Valeria, Yangus, Dai, and myself!

Sage Lushenda <3
Kid, Maribel, Crono, and Serge.

Baseball Player Yamcha, Gadabout, Great Saiyaman, and Android 17.

Orge Pankraz.


Mini Goku and Vegeta.


More Tifa!

Hyuza and Prince of Midenhall.

Terry Bogard.

Meleade and Nergel.

The Flash and Dr. Strange.

More DBZ group with Avan!

Eight and Linashe.

Baramos and Boss Group.

Fabiel and Mednam Group.

Lynn and Raul.

Crono and Malroths!

Yangus and Kyururus.

Yoi and Asahi group.

Ogre Archangel Mitra.

Puku Pusugon Group!


Another Ogre Archangel Mitra.

DQXI Group.

Elf Estella.

SSJ Blue Goku, Great Saiyaman, SSJ4 Goku, Android 17, and Crono.

Mickey Mouse!

Maam, Avan, and Me.

It’sa him, Weddie Mario!

Jessicas and Angelo!

Mednam, Dai, Avan, Fabiel.

Puku Doraemon, M. Bison, and Seraphi.


Android 18.

Stairway Dancing!

Mervynn and Arus.

Gamma 1!


More Morrigan!

Even More Morrigan!

Mario Group.

DQII Group.

Asval, Jessica, and Boggan.

Me vs Ragnar.

Me and Ragnar.

Dai, Avan, and Hyunckel.

Dai, Avan, and Hyunckel again.

Colonel Sanders.

Ann Lucia group.

Me and Char.

Popo and Nana.

Chun Li!

Ken and Ryu.

Ken and Ryu again.

More Ken and Ryu.

Veltro and Valeria.

It’s me, Dio!





Barashna and Goresby-Purviss.

Ken and Ryu again!

King of Calamity.

Darth Vader.

Hyunckel, Avan, and I.

Liselotte and Lukoria.

Vader zooms off.

Version 6 Puku group.

Barbatos, Batman, and Avan.

Dai group!

See you all next year!

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