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It took me a while to build this little home, but now the site is finally up and I’d like to welcome Dragon Quest fans to Ryan Quest! A blog all things Dragon Quest by me, Ryan Molina. I’m a filmmaker and author who ran the popular Dragon Ball Z websites Vegeta Insane and Ginga GIRI GIRI from 1999-2002. I was also well known in the Anime Music Video community and won a ton of Anime Music Video awards from 2002-2012. Now I run my Film Production and Book Publishing company Battle Geek Plus focusing on gaming and geek media.

So, why a blog and not a reddit post, YouTube video, or anything of that matter? Why even bother registering a domain when you can get a free tumblr account? Nobody visits websites anymore!

First of all, I started my website career in 1997 when I was 16 years old using AOL’s webpage maker. I switched over to raw HTML, PHP, etc, until wordpress and css templates took over in the 2010’s. I’m still old school like that.

Second, we live in an era of walled gardens where people get their information and entertainment from other websites like reddit, YouTube, tumblr, etc. Websites have been on the decline since the late 2000’s and we’ve grown accustomed to posting and receiving our content on platforms that are no longer ours.

However, in a time where greedy companies can easily claim or wipe content off the web with a simple complaint, having your own platform is more crucial than ever. Square-Enix used to claim videos of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy on YouTube which resulted in the loss of videos, content, and revenue for creators. I know this because I was always hit whenever I did a Final Fantasy related video. Things have calmed down on the content-ID claiming front over the years, but now with YouTube’s new policies, the unreliability of tumblr (after they got rid of their NSFW content), and many other factors, I wanted a platform that I had 100% control over rather than depending on someone else’s.

Also, my passion for YouTube videos has been dying due to burnout and YouTube’s terrible practices. I recently got into writing a few years ago and have published a few books as you can see on my Amazon Author Page. However, writing books is a very long and gargantuan process and I needed a way to write smaller and quicker tidbits, so why not a blog? (Yes, I do plan on writing Dragon Quest related books in the future).

Ever since Dragon Quest XI came out in 2018, my love for Dragon Quest has been rekindled and I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of trying to acquire everything DQ once again. I’ve also made friends with a ton of wonderful Dragon Quest fans who I enjoy talking to about my love of the series as well. While many DQ fansites have come and gone over the years, there’s still the classic Dragon’s Den which I visited back in the day, but other than that, the DQ web community is a mere shadow of it’s former self.

This blog is going to be my place to post about everything Dragon Quest. From my thoughts of the series in general, pictures of my collection, video/text reviews, and just anything Dragon Quest I can think of. There’s not going to be a real update schedule, but I’ll try to post whenever I can. I honestly don’t care if I get a ton of views or visitors to the blog just as long as I have a platform to express my love for Dragon Quest. So, sit back, play the opening fanfare, and let’s go on a Dragon Quest together!

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