Dragon Quest X Cosplay Event – May 10, 2020!

On May 10th, 2020 in Japan, we all celebrated the official Dragon Quest X Cosplay Event taking place in South Lendor.

Every 10th of the month is a special celebration for Dragon Quest X Players since it is the 10th game, so Square-Enix always holds fun events during this time of the month. My friends and I decided to attend the special cosplay event in South Lendor where people can dress up as characters from the series or from anywhere else. I rented out the Eight outfit from Megistris and had a blast as it was just like having a virtual convention which fits well in this time of quarantine! Here are the pictures I took!

NOTE: Japanese player names are censored as it’s proper etiquette to protect their privacy.

Arrival in South Lendor with all the Cosplayers!

Me with another fellow Eight!

Jessica and some Eriks (cosplayed by Ali and Nick)!

Prince of Midenhall/Lorasia.

Poppet/Pukulipo Concert!

Bianca, Kiryl, and more!

Jasper and Hendrik



Sailor Moon!

DQXI Group.

Jade and Jessica!

Krystalinda and Queen Frysabel.

C-3PO and Batman.


Toribot with Erdrick’s Armor in Corner.

Monster Cosplayers.

Goku Black.

Broly and Goku.

Android 17

Fun on the stairs! (photo by setu_lapi_dqx)

Fun on the stairs 2! (photo by setu_lapi_dqx)


Our group dancing! We made it on several Japanese DQX twitter accounts!

Me and Naruto.

More Dancing!

More Dancing with Nick as Erik!

It was me, Dio!

I had such a great time at the event and can’t wait for more! This is what makes DQX so fun!

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