Dragon Quest X Cosplay Event – May 10, 2021!

Just like last year on May 10th, the DQX Cosplay Event took place again in South Lendor and I participated once again!

Check out last year’s event!

This time around, I decided to go as Crocodine from Dragon Quest Dai. I spent around $8 in real money to a Yahoo Japan seller for a code to get the V-Jump Dragon Mask. I spent a bit in dyes to recolor it and my armor to match Crocodine’s as close as I could and I hope I pulled it off!

Me and a Baran cosplayer!

Baran and I sitting down.

Hanging on top of the stairs with more cosplayers.

Really accurate Veltro and Yael from Version 5!

Posing with Exalin, Jude, and Draco!

Puku Ragnar!

Me and Puku Avan!

Eight, Yangus, Angelo, and me!

Meena, Ragnar, and Pusogon in the back.

Eight cosplayers and Dai himself!

We all draw our weapons!

Close up.

Different angle.

Baran, Avan, and I.

Dai faces us!

Posing with Dai, Baran, and Avan!

Weddie Avan in the back and Erik join us!

Puku Popp joins us!

Irusha passes us.

Dwarf Torneko joins us!

Last pic with the Dai group!

We do the Bunny Suit dance with our group and more join us making the dance 3x larger than last year!

Got into my Ann Lucia Gran Zedora outfit and hung out with some DQX character cosplayers!

Love these costumes!

Puku group of the Version 5 characters!

Ending the event at the main house of my MyTown!

The cosplay event was an absolute blast as we had more people from our discord join us! I was surprised I was the only Crocodine cosplayer and there wasn’t too many other Dai cosplayers, but I’m happy there was a few!

Check Exalin’s video of the event!

See you next year!

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