Collection Update: 5/29/20!

A small update to my collection! Come see what it is!

Dragon Quest X Version 1-5 Package for the PC!

This came out a week ago and I ordered from Amazon Japan. Even though I already have Versions 1-5 on the Switch, I still use the PC version once in a while to get a quick screencap or two especially for this blog. Remember that even though you can own the expansions on another console, each console requires it’s own expansion packs regardless of your Square Enix account cloud saving which can drain your money pretty fast. It was honestly a lot easier and cheaper to get the Version 1-5 pack on the PC rather than trying to get a standalone Version 5.

Current DQX collection!

I do plan on featuring all of these in my upcoming Dragon Quest X review. I actually got lucky and won an auction for the rare DQX 3DS version for a much cheaper price than it goes for on ebay. Right now I’m waiting for my proxy service to get back to me, so I hope to add that to the collection as well!

Also adding Slime Mori Mori 3 for the 3DS to the collection!

I technically now have all 3 Slime Mori Mori games (Rocket Slime in the USA is Slime Mori Mori 2) and I’m actually waiting on Slime Mori Mori 2 to arrive, but it may take a while due to COVID-19.

More stuff is always on the way, so I’ll be updating my collection as things come in!

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