The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 1 – Outlines and Footage Gathering

As I mentioned in my Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest XI Review Behind the Scenes post, I am currently working on an Awesome Video Game Memories review for Dragon Quest X. Now that I have this blog, I can document every single step from the beginning to end.

When I started playing Dragon Quest X in January 2020, I had the notion that I would only play for an hour and that would be it. I still decided to record the footage just in case I felt like doing a full review and after over 400+ hours of playing DQX, I’m sure glad I did!

So far, I’ve captured about 1.40TB of DQX footage from Versions 1-5. It’ll probably be way more than that once Version 5 is finished. The first 20 hours were captured with the PC version with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). After that, I started capturing the footage with my Elgato HD60 Pro from my Switch. Since I was already working from home when I secured a new position at work in January 2020 far before the pandemic, I had more time to play games than I ever did in previous years. I mostly captured the story and some events since capturing other things like my daily subjugation quests every day would be tedious and take up more space.

My goal is to get reviews done of Dragon Quest X and the expansions up to Version 4 by October of this year since that’s when the Dragon Quest Dai Anime comes out. At the end of May, I started doing my outline for DQX Versions 1-4 in my google drive. I can’t quite do a full review of Version 5 since the story is still ongoing and hasn’t been finished yet.

Since my memory of the game is a bit hazy on certain parts, I felt it’s best to make a detailed outline so I can remember when I’m filming. Because the game is entirely in Japanese, I need to do the following things to make sure I can make the best outline available to refresh my memories of the game.

First, I go through the google translated DQX Wiki and write down plot points there. This is not enough since the summaries are pretty basic.

Next, I scrub through my captured footage in Adobe Premiere Pro along with google translating it to get more points I want to put in the outline.

After that, I go through videos on Nawaria’s YouTube Channel to get more accurate dialog translations of certain scenes.

Rinse and Repeat.

As of now, I only have outlines for Versions 1-3 done with all the major key points I want to talk about, along with cues to insert certain jokes I want to do (believe me, I have plenty!). It’s taking me a long time because the process of writing my outlines is so long and I want to make sure I present the most accurate information and come up with my best commentary and jokes. I improvise all of my performances rather than scripting because I know some of the best bits I can come up with on the fly. Remember, unlike outlets like IGN and others, I don’t rush things and sound uninterested talking over game footage. I really put my all into everything to give you guys the best performance I can on screen while also giving you information, tidbits, and funny jokes to create an entertaining video rather than a boring uninspired review video.

I hope to finish up the Version 4 outline this week or the next. I won’t be going through more of the Version 5 story until 5.2 comes out later this week (and the Japanese guides update). It’ll take a while for the Version 5 review to come out since the entire story isn’t done yet and may not be done yet until next year.

I’m also waiting on certain items to arrive from Japan to show in the reviews. Sadly, a few items are stuck in Japan due to COVID-19, but I was able to get some other items shipped via DHL from other sources (DHL is still shipping to America).

I’m planning on also having fun voiceover cameos from certain people in the DQ Community. Once I get the outlines done, I’ll be writing some scripts for cameos. I haven’t 100% decided yet, but I hope I can get some really cool people in although my deadline for these reviews is in October. I know I can get the videos done faster without the cameos, but I still want to add some fun things in because that’s what I do.

Right now, I plan to finish the Version 1-4 outlines, get all the items I need from Japan, and then arrange some time with my roommate to film things. If all goes well, I can start filming in July and edit from July-September. If you’ve seen my DQXI review, I am planning some complicated effect shots similar to my DQXI review for certain parts of the DQX reviews, so I’ll need the extra time to get them done before October. However, things always fluctuate, so things may also change in that time period.

My main goal is not just to create a fun and entertaining review, but to surpass my DQXI review which is my current favorite review I’ve done so far. Hopefully when my DQX reviews are out, you’ll see how truly passionate I am about this game and why you should play it.

Anyways, it’s time to get back to work and will update when I have more progress done!

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