Collection Update: 6/12/20!

Another BIG update to my Dragon Quest collection as it keeps growing and growing!

First of all, the original Japanese version of Dragon Quest IX! Got it insanely cheap on ebay!

Next up, Slime Mori Mori 2 which came out here as Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime on the DS!

Now the entire Slime Mori Mori/Rocket Slime trilogy is complete!

The ORIGINAL Dragon Warrior on the NES complete in Box!

I never owned a boxed copy as a kid and I paid a ton for a completed boxed copy with ALL the maps, manual, guide, and even the original Nintendo Power letter it came with back in 1989! Expect a large in-depth look at this in the future!

Dragon Quest X Special Treasure Box for the PC which includes Version 1
Dragon Quest X Version 2 (PC)
Dragon Quest X Version 3 (PC)
Dragon Quest X Version 2 (Wii)
Dragon Quest X Version 3 (Wii)
Dragon Quest X Version 4 (PS4)

Got these all for $20 total, but shipping from Japan was kinda expensive…

Inside the DQX Treasure Box with a Slime Controller, Monster Encyclopedia, Map, Version 1 for PC, and a One Time Password Device!

Last, but not least, a mini DQX Hero doll from my friend Lancer Force!

Protected by Ann Lucia and hanging out with Zeno-Sama, Link, and Shantae!

The original Dragon Warrior II letter sent to fans!

I know I’ve been teasing about doing the Mega Collection Picture of EVERYTHING DQ I have, but I have more stuff coming I want to get before I post that picture. Enjoy these new additions and more is on the way!

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