The Dragon Quest 1 Dragonlord Event in DQX!

Yesterday I got to participate in the Dragon Quest 1 Dragonlord Event in DQX!

Back in 2016, the Dragon Quest 1 Dragonlord Event took place for DQ’s 30th anniversary. It was a limited time event and didn’t come back until 2020, 4 years later.

I’ve been wanting to participate in this event ever since I saw SaiganCat’s video. When I learned there was going to be a replay of it, I was thrilled and immediately went to play it as soon as it went up.

In order to access the event, you need to go to a Magic labyrinth via the key or through Dorothy in North Lendor. Before the boss room, you’ll find Princess Gwaelin who will give you the Rainbow Drop to access the event.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge!

I went to the event with my friends Nick, Milo, and Carl in a completely 3D rendered Charlock Castle! It was almost like playing a remake of DQ!

Check out the awesome 8-bit maps for the castle!

Exploring the outdoor region of Charlock Castle!

After the short run through Charlock Castle in 3D, we encounter the Dragonlord who offers us a part of Astoltia. We obviously said no.

The reason why this event was being replayed was because Square-Enix added voiceover to the Dragonlord in a special cutscene not available back in the 2016 event. The Dragonlord Event requires Version 5 installed and for you to have the Magic Labyrinth Key.

Unlike the original game, the Dragonload immediately goes into Phase 2! We start off at Level 30 which was the highest level you can get in DQ1 and all the abilities you get in DQ1 (in Japanese).

Our first 2 attempts didn’t go over that smoothly… not too different when players first fight the Dragonlord in DQ1.

We finally beat him on the 3rd try and every consecutive time after that since we finally knew what to do!

Once we’re outside, we get 7 Dragon Scales from Princess Gwaelin to exchange at South Lendor for the DQ1 items! Back in the 2016 event, you only got 3 Dragon Scales. It only took 4 rounds to get enough scales to have all the items!

Erdrick (Roto) Armor.

Hero Armor and DQ1 Painting for your house.

Dragonlord Outfit (Added for the 2020 replay).

Princess Gwaelin Outfit.

Nick and I rockin’ the Princess Gwaelin Outfit.

We went in with different friends at a time and this is Ali, Milo, Nick, and myself.

The event is going on until the 28th and you can either play with your friends, random people, or your computer controlled allies. It’s a bit tough at first, but you’ll eventually get the hang out it. It was so awesome playing this event and hopefully Square-Enix will also bring back the DQ3 Zoma event in the future as well! Make sure you have Version 5 installed and the Magic Labyrinth Key in your inventory to access the event!

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