The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 5 – Versions 3 and 4 Filming Done!

Had a pretty long filming day, but I was able to knock out both the Versions 3 AND 4 reviews!

Two reviews filmed in a day!

Since my condition had gotten better, I took a rest on Sunday and on Monday June 22nd, I decided to knock out BOTH Versions 3 and 4 reviews in the span of 3+ hours. With all the high energy I put into my reviews, I was literally on the brink of exhaustion when all of the filming was done. I didn’t have to do 2 reviews in one day, but I went the extra mile and did it anyways!

Now all that’s left is the green screening for certain parts which I’ll be filming very soon.

Holding Version 4.

Version 5 won’t be reviewed until next year since it’s not finished yet, so the majority of my DQX review material is almost done! I’ve also begun editing the Version 1 review in Adobe Premiere, so expect more progress on that soon!

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