The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 6 – Versions 1-4 Green Screen Filming Done!

It was a pretty intense shoot, but I finally got ALL the green screen shots I need for the DQX Versions 1-4 reviews!

Just like the Dragon Quest XI Review, I shot a whole bunch of green screen shots to superimpose myself in comedic ways into the various intros of DQX Versions 1-4. Setting up the green screen and the lights in my small and crammed apartment is always a daunting task, even though I’ve been doing it here for over 7 years. Here are some funny sample shots I took!

Green screen, lights, and camera are all setup! Putting them away takes even longer!

Standing tall! (Don’t worry about the extra non green screen stuff in the background. It’s super easy to get rid of in post.)

From the back!


Under attack!

What the?!


On my way!

It took me about 3+ hours to get all the green screen filming done, but now I’m proud to say that EVERYTHING filming and video wise is done for the Dragon Quest X Versions 1-4 reviews. Due to the high amount of physical moves I had to do, this was probably one of the most intense green screen shoots I’ve done yet. Even with the full air conditioning in my small and crammed apartment, I was incredibly sweaty at the end of the entire shoot.

When I do the full Version 5 review next year, I will be following the same procedure, but hopefully in a different place if I can move out of my current one this fall. Starting from now, I’ll be doing weekly editing updates, so stay tuned for those!

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