Collection Update: 7/10/20!

More new items have been added to my collection recently, so here they are!

I posted my review of the set not too long ago, so here’s the Dragon Quest Dai Blu Ray set from Japan!

Check out of my previous entries for the review of “The Dragon Quest Book” by my good friend Austin from Dragon Quest FM!

Dragon Quest I-III collection on the Wii! This set comes with the Famicom and Super Famicom versions of DQI-III on one Wii Disc along with a Mini Medal Pouch and a promotional manga!

Estella (From Dragon Quest X Version 3) Plushie! It took 2 months to arrive thanks to COVID-19, but I’m glad it’s finally here! It would have been nice to get it BEFORE I recorded the DQX Version 3 review, though..

Dragon Warrior II (almost complete)! Paid a bit of money for this, but I am finally reunited with an original copy of Dragon Warrior II, the 2nd game in the series I played and the first one I finished. The box is in decent condition and I have the game, manual, and all the maps, minus the classic NES brochures and posters, etc. Good enough for me!

Dragon Warrior I-IV Collector Cases! Not really official products, but I got these to display on my shelves since the original boxes are way too tight to store the game and all their maps, manuals, etc.

Everything fits into these cases nicely (Well, almost) and won’t add wear and tear on the original boxes.

Quite a nice haul and more is on the way!

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