Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Month Trailer and Announcement!

Alright everyone! Starting next month in October, I will finally be reviewing Dragon Quest X and all it’s expansions! Check out the trailer and click “more” on this post for details!

Release Dates:

Dragon Quest X – Rise of the Five Tribes Online: October 6, 2020
Dragon Quest X Version 2 – The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies: October 13, 2020
Dragon Quest X Version 3 – Lore of the Ancient Dragon: October 20, 2020
Dragon Quest X Version 4 – The 5000 Year Voyage to a Faraway Hometown: October 27, 2020

Since the new Dragon Quest Dai Anime is coming out and October is the 10th month of the year, it makes sense to release all the Dragon Quest X reviews for DQX Month on my channel! Remember, Version 5 of DQX isn’t done yet since 5.3 is coming on Sept 16, so that won’t be coming out until 2021 or later.

The reviews will also contain full story summaries of the game and the expansions, so there will be spoilers! I know tons of people want to know what the DQX story is and I’m happy to say that these videos will finally be the first time that you’ll see full explanations of all the story material in a shorter, more digestible format! However, these videos are a bit on the long side, so make sure you grab some popcorn for each one because you’ll wanna sit down and digest them slowly.

I’m excited to finally get these out to you guys after a long time and I know many people have been waiting over 8 years to see what the story of DQX is about. I hope I can deliver next month!

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