Collection Update: 9/12/20!

Now that I’m fully settled into my new place, I’ve finally gone back to my DQ collecting, so let’s see what I’ve gotten recently!

Got a super cheap DQX Version 2 for the Wii U from a USA seller on ebay!

I also went to my local bookoff and I haven’t been there since pre-covid. What a difference over 6 months makes!

Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory (Wii)
Torneko’s Mystery Dungeon 3 (PS2)
Dragon Quest Heroes (Japanese) (PS3)
Dragon Quest VII (Japanese) (3DS)
Dragon Quest VIII (Japanese) (3DS)
Dragon Quest IX (Japanese) (3DS)
Dragon Quest VII Guide Book
Dragon Quest Builders (Japanese) (PS4)
Dragon Quest IX (Japanese) (PS4)
Torneko’s Mystery Dungeon 3 Guide Book

That should be it for now, so hopefully I can start collecting more stuff soon even with the next gen consoles coming out soon!

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