Collection Update: 9/25/20!

Some small additions to the collection today!

Dragon Quest X All in One Package (Versions 1-2) (Wii)
Dragon Quest X Version 3 (Wii U)

Healslime Plushie

I’m pretty close to owning every single version of DQX that was released on the Wii. All I need is the so called beta version that’s been floating on ebay and I think my DQX Wii collection will be complete! I’m always on the lookout for cheap versions of DQX for every console and one day, I will have them all!

I finally got a healslime plushie that I will be using for my Dragon Quest Heroes reviews to play Healix and for general set decoration. All I need to get is a crown and a red beret for his costume pieces for the Heroes reviews.

I got another big item on the way (although it’s small in nature). So stay tuned for more collection updates!

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