The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Rocket Slime Series Part 1 – Outlines and Annoucement!

My next big series of reviews is now in the works as I plan to review all 3 of the Dragon Quest Rocket Slime games!

Going through my Slime Mori Mori footage in Adobe Premiere to write my general outline.

Now that I’ve spent the last month settling into my new place, I’m starting my next major DQ review project: All 3 of the Rocket Slime games!

I’ll be reviewing Slime Mori Mori for the GBA, Rocket Slime for the DS, and Rocket Slime 3 for the 3DS! I finished all 3 of the games over the summer and captured the footage of Slime Mori Mori and Rocket Slime from my Raspberry Pi and I captured Rocket Slime 3 (with the fan translation) from the Citra 3DS emulator and OBS.

I haven’t started filming yet and right now, I’m going through the footage for all 3 games to write my outlines for the videos. I plan on writing some voiceover scripts for some guest cameos (who also did voiceovers for my DQX reviews), and once I can find some time, I can finally begin filming and editing.

I already have all my DQ content planned for the rest of the year and the Rocket Slime series reviews will be released in early 2021. If you know my review style, then these should be fun and wacky reviews about some of the best DQ spinoffs I highly recommend playing. More progress will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

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