General Updates! 2/19/21

Lazarel and Teresa seems suspicious of me…. but I kind of have a non video update for once!

Hey everyone, I know the majority of updates have been video related in the past few weeks and nothing about my collection or anything else. But hey, I’ve been busy.

I haven’t been collecting DQ stuff as much recently since I’ve been more focused on building my investments portfolio and trading on the stock market, so that’s been taking up a lot of my attention. I’m getting older and I definitely need to think more about my future. I’m sure my investments will guarantee I can get more DQ stuff without breaking the bank.

I’ve also been hard at work making more video content as The Questlog has been off to a good start and I’ve been working on reviews of the Dragon Quest Heroes games as seen below!

Whoah! That was close!

Expect these to be released this spring as I have a ton more DQ related videos coming your way soon.

I’ve also been hard at work on completing Young Yangus and the Mystery Dungeon on my PS2. I’m on the final dungeon, but I keep losing to the final boss, so I’ll have to change my strategy a bit. I’m pretty confident I can get the game completed soon and will also review it later this year.

My goals right now are to keep on doing Questlog videos as they’re starting to help grow my YouTube channel more. I have a few more lined up and ready to go in the next few weeks.

After I finish working on the DQ Heroes series videos, I hope to finish Young Yangus so I can review that and then start outlining the Dragon Quest X Version 5 review as Version 5.5 is coming out this spring. I also hope to outline the Builders game reviews as I finished both games last fall and still have gigs of footage on one of my hard drives. I still hope to also get Dragon Quest IX reviewed this fall, but there’s no guarantees right now as my schedule has been pretty hectic.

Hopefully I can start adding more stuff to my collection soon as well.

That should be it for this update and I’ll have more updates coming soon!

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