The Making of Awesome Video Game Memories: Dragon Quest X Review Part 16 – Version 5 Outlining Begins!

It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally started to make an outline for the upcoming Dragon Quest X Version 5 Review!

After I got done outlining the Dragon Quest X Versions 1-4 reviews last summer, I decided to wait on doing an outline on Version 5 so I can work on other projects like the Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, Heroes, and Builders games.

Now that I’ve finally finished Young Yangus and the Mystery Dungeon for the PS2, I decided to get to work on the DQX Version 5 Outline so I can be ahead of schedule before Version 5.5 comes out.

Young Yangus and the Mystery Dungeon is finally done! I’ll begin outlining this review later in the year!

Over the year since DQX Version 5 has been out, spoilers and story summaries have been pretty barren even on my favorite Japanese sources. I remember having a bit of trouble outlining the Version 4 review last summer since Nawaria hadn’t reached Version 4 yet, so I had to completely rely on the DQX Wiki which has it’s share of mistakes when google translating it.

Sadly, things haven’t improved for the Version 5 spoilers on my favorite Japanese guides as they’re pretty short and vague, so I decided to translate everything myself.

I’m using the DQ10 Dialog Monitor and Copytranslator for the PC version which I have for download here.

Using the DQ10 Dialog Monitor and Copytranslator on my laptop.

Normally, I’ve been playing on the Switch with the guides and been going at it untranslated trying to use my limited Japanese knowledge to pick up what I can and also learn some new Kanji.

Luckily I can use the projector at my house to replay any story related cutscenes and I also have all my captured footage on my computer to reference as well.

Projector to replay the game’s cutscenes.

While this method takes much longer than when I would just grab the summaries from the DQX Wiki and cross reference Nawaria’s videos, I’m actually coming up with a ton of good points and especially jokes in my DQX Version 5 outline. The google translated dialogue isn’t exactly perfect as expected, but being able to understand each line makes a huge difference in comparison to the most detailed of summaries.

If I keep this up every day, I should be able to finish everything from 5.0-5.4 before 5.5 comes out soon. With everything that’s happened so far in Version 5, I’m sure 5.5 will be the conclusion and I can’t wait to see it all through to the end.

After the general outline is done, I’ll be picking out scenes to be translated and voice acted like in the previous reviews. I can’t wait to have these scenes acted out in English and can’t wait to work with my previous voice acting talent once again.

Remember to watch my Dragon Quest X Versions 1-4 reviews to get caught up and more updates will come soon!

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