Dragon Quest III Zoma Event in Dragon Quest X!

On May 17th, 2021, I got to participate in the DQIII Zoma event in DQX for the 35th Anniversary celebration!

Last year in June of 2020, I got to participate in the Dragon Quest I Dragonlord Event in DQX and this year for the 35th anniversary, the DQIII Zoma event was brought back!

The event was originally held in 2018 for the 6th Anniversary for Dragon Quest X since it was released in 2012. Here is Project COE’s video of the event back in the day.

In order to access the event, you just simply need to talk to this slime in South Lendor and also have the full game and a subscription since new voice acting was added for Zoma for this event. I played with my friends Exalin, Draco, and Senune.

After talking to the slime, we end up in a 3D rendered Luida’s bar as the DQIII Hero and his allies at Level 45 (the max level in DQIII). We’re also the following classes: Hero, Soldier, Priest, and Mage.

We can change to whatever class we want and once we’re ready, we go to the back door and access the rainbow bridge.

We end up a 3D rendered Zoma’s castle with all the enemies who appeared in the original!

We encounter “not-Ortega” who’s based on the original Famicom Sprite which was changed in the US version.

Once we reach Zoma’s chamber, he greets us with an intimidating voiceover and we must fight the 3 bosses before him, King Hydra, Baramos Buros, and Zombie Baramos.

Fighting the 3 Guardians before Zoma!

We face Zoma and an event plays where we automatically use the Sphere of Light and the battle begins with an EPIC rendition of his battle theme!

I also decided to sit on Zoma’s throne for fun, hehe.

The battle with Zoma is nearly as difficult as it’s original and we lost 3 times before we finally won! I switched to the mage class and learned how to use it!

After defeating Zoma, we’re outside of Erdrick’s cave and we get 9 prize tickets to get the DQ3 gear and prizes!

Outside my MyTown in front of my Zoma statue with Hsien and Nick joining us.

Senune and I rockin’ the new Zoma suits.

Our new Erdrick suits, the Zoma suit, and the DQIII house prizes!

We also get awesome 8 bit maps of all the sections!

I was also on Exalin Excel’s stream of the event, so check out the entire event in full!

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